Interview top tips


Interview top tips

Preparation is essential. You need to be able to demonstrate you are already doing the job (or can do the job and would like to do it). So, make sure you:

  • Understand the role and what the organisation/interviewer is looking for (you are not applying for the role you already have so this will need careful research). It may help to imagine yourself in post – what would your priorities be for the next 3 – 6 months/1 year?
  • Can you explain why you really want the job?
  • Know what you are selling –what you can bring to the role. Create your five “Unique Selling Points” (USPs) – all evidenced – to
  • demonstrate your ability to add value to the role and the organisation
  • Prepare examples of your achievements for each element in the person specification. Make sure you explain the outcomes as well as demonstrate that you can do what the role requires – use CART – Challenge, Action, Result and Transferability – to compose your answer

Anticipate likely questions

  • About the organisation – what problems is it trying to solve?
  • About the role – what will be the key challenges in fulfilling the job description?
  • About the sector – swot up on relevant legislation and topical issues in the sector
  • About you – why you want the job and what value you can bring both to the role and to the organisation
  • Be clear and realistic about how you will address your weak points (in relation to the role)