Melissa Makadho


Qualitative and quantitative research, local authority development, mergers and acquisitions, market and data analysis, psychometric testing, project support, report writing.


Melissa is responsible for carrying out market research and data analysis on various aspects of the housing, local government and care and support sectors. She is qualified to deliver occupational psychometric testing, ensuring organisations are able to recruit candidates with a good cultural fit. In addition to this, she has successfully completed Altair’s Introduction to Lean course.

Beyond her work with Altair’s development team, where she is currently supporting a local authority “Wholly Owned Company”, Melissa has contributed to numerous executive recruitment projects where her work has included salary benchmarking reviews and job evaluation reviews. She has also supported the delivery of governance effectiveness work as well as mergers and acquisitions projects.

Altair Assignments

Recent projects that Melissa has been involved in include:

  • Ongoing project support for LB Newham’s development project, Red Door Ventures
  • Mergers and acquisitions options appraisal for a London-based housing association
  • A future options appraisal for a housing association in the North.
  • Data analysis for LB Ealing’s flagship regeneration project at Copley Close
  • Risk management and business assurance reviews
  • Salary benchmarking for numerous housing associations


University of Warwick - BSc Medical Microbiology and Virology

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