Toby Lebeter


Data research and analysis, report-writing, governance reviews, appraisals, salary and structure benchmarking, policy review, executive and non-executive recruitment, policy development.


Toby is a Business Analyst at Altair and works within the Organisational Excellence team, which specialises in organisational change and transformation. His work at Altair has included undertaking projects for a broad range of housing sector organisations and has included governance reviews, salary and structure benchmarking, merger and acquisitions reports, competitor analysis, appraisals, and out-of-sector research. Toby has also recently led on elements of a wide-ranging research project into possible solutions to housing-related poverty.

Toby has also worked extensively with the Executive Resourcing, Talent Management and People Advisory team, developing expertise in executive and non-executive recruitment, and job evaluation reviews.

Altair Assignments

Recent projects that Toby has been involved in include:

  • Governance reviews for numerous housing providers
  • Executive and non-executive recruitment for numerous organisations across the UK
  • Supporting the development of a research report on housing sector innovation
  • Developing the marketing strategy of a leadership programme for a London-based group of housing providers
  • Conducting research into possible solutions to housing-related poverty for a nationally-based organisation
  • Supporting the development of Target Operating Models
  • Research project into out-of-sector regulatory powers


University of Warwick – BA (Hons), History

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