Altair finance servicesThe housing sector continues to face significant challenges from the changing political, economic and financial situation. Availability of funding and rising inflation concern many, as well as possible exposure to a volatile and uncertain housing market. The need for boards and senior officers of organisations to be fully aware of the exposures they face has never been more keenly felt.

At Altair, we can work with you as a critical friend and independent advisor. That’s because our focus is on supporting clients to demonstrate that they remain in control of their business through these difficult times and that they understand the implications of any strategies that may be adopted.

We provide advice and support in areas such as:

  • Economy and efficiency – income maximisation, cost recovery, VAT implications, budget outturn control.
  • Liquidity and cashflow – capacity headroom, treasury management, projected cash reserves.
  • Financial viability – business planning (we are a Brixx Certified Partner), financial modelling, financial policies and regulations.
  • Development appraisal – the impact of affordable rents, asset management assumptions, development/sales risk exposure, treasury strategy, overall corporate strategy.
  • Local authority self-funding – analysing the impact, rent modelling and caps and limits adjustment, unpooling of service charges.
  • ALMO reviews – financial options appraisals.
  • Non-organic growth – providing comprehensive review and challenge services to support mergers and acquisitions, joint venture models and housing stock transfer.
  • Treasury services – a range of treasury services are available through Altair working with our sister company Murja. This includes advise on debt, accessing the capital markets, interest rate risk management, treasury strategy and policy, strategic treasury management, joint ventures and funding for commercial subsidiaries.
  • VFM and efficiency – support with regulation compliance, benchmarking and end-to-end service re-engineering.

To find out more about our financial consultancy services or discuss a potential project, please contact Susan Kane, Jim Lashmar, Sarah ParrGill Powell or Hugh Coll.

To find out more about our treasury services, please contact Jim Lashmar or the Murja team on 020 3195 2800 |