LinkedIn top tips from Sarah Palmer

Posted: 4th April 2011

LinkedIn top tips from Sarah Palmer

Top tips, how to make the most of LinkedIn – completing your profile

  1. Include a professional photo, your email address and phone number
  2. Include a 100-300 word summary about you as a person, what you have done and where you see your career going
  3. Use your CV as the basis for your profile but make your narrative forward looking and audience focused. Don’t just add in your job description – focus on outcomes and provide plenty of evidence to demonstrate your achievements
  4. Use LinkedIn’s “skills” link to add keywords to describe your experience
  5. Include your qualifications (in full and abbreviated) as well as your relevant training
  6. Regularly update your “what are you working on”
  7. Personalise your URL (uniform resource locator) to give yourself a LinkedIn address that is just a first and last name (just scroll down to where it says “Public Profile” in your profile and edit the URL)

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