Effective non-executive director (NED) recruitment

Posted: 2nd August 2012

Effective non-executive director (NED) recruitment

Times are tough and risky. There has never been a greater need for strong Boards. Many affordable housing organisations are looking to re-shape board member roles and responsibilities as NEDs become more commercially savvy without losing their social purpose. NEDs, and Chairs in particular, have to be skilled and knowledgeable as never before.

Let’s look at what is required of NEDs. They need to:

  • be visionaries
  • have the needs of customers at heart
  • know how and when to take risks
  • deliver efficiencies, and this may mean taking hard decisions
  • challenge the executive constructively
  • be strong advocates and ambassadors.

They also need to govern well, be financially astute, and be confident in a co-regulatory environment.

This range and level of skills, knowledge and experience is not generally found in people with time to read their local newspapers or job boards. Our experience suggests that great candidates rarely look for jobs – they are busy succeeding in their existing ones. These “high-value” candidates need to be approached to consider other opportunities, particularly non-executive roles.

This is where the role of professional recruiters, such as Altair, is greatly valued. Our executive search produces results. It is not only our knowledge of skilled people and our diverse networks within and outside the sector which we call upon. It is also our consultants’ own deep understanding and personal experience of being NEDs and senior executives.

If you would like to find out more about our non-executive search or recruitment service and its flexibility to suit your needs, or if you are interested in becoming an NED and would like a confidential discussion, please contact:

  • Steve Douglas, Partner, Altair: 020 7934 0175 or email: steve.douglas@altairltd.co.uk
  • Sarah Palmer, Senior Consultant, Recruitment and Interim Management, Altair: 07806 602933, 020 7934 0175 or email: sarah.palmer@altairltd.co.uk

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