A Thousand Housing Finance People Discover Their Inner Chimps!!!

A Thousand Housing Finance People Discover Their Inner Chimps!!!

Here’s a snapshot of the hot topics from the NHF finance conference that many people were talking about:

Attendance – there were more people at the conference than in recent years; is this a sign of the complex problems facing social housing?
Market rents – are they part of the innovation required to deal with a nil grant world?
IFRS – some areas are still under discussion but your in-house planning should start now
The budget – is the government’s current focus on housing good news for social housing?
Bond financing – is it only available to the larger associations or can smaller organisations muscle in on the action?
Welfare reform – how are the pilot organisations fairing? Will all housing organisations cope with the impact or is meltdown on the way?
Rent policy – what will come out of the comprehensive spending review this summer? RPI or CPI? To margin or not to margin?
Inner chimps – after the talk by Dr Steve Peters, Consultant Psychiatrist to Team GB Cycling, we are now all aware of our inner chimps and that happiness is the key to success.

If these are issues that you are looking at, call Altair for advice and support.

Our experienced Finance team offers:

Business planning and financial modelling expertise (Brixx Partners)
End-to-end finance health checking
Risk management, exit strategy formulation and recovery planning
Welfare reform impact analysis
Interim management support

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