Bond Finance? – get ready, set your compass, bring chocolate…

Bond Finance? – get ready, set your compass, bring chocolate…

The stakes are high when obtaining bond finance – based on a £100m bond, every 10 basis point difference in the coupon will cost £100,000 a year, every year… Therefore, the timing and quality of your approach to the market are key factors. How will you prepare to be pitch perfect and impress those who are looking to invest?

Firstly consider:

Would you invest in you?
What will your investors see?
What questions will they ask you and what will they want to hear?
How will you tame your dragons?

You don’t have to be big to be brave! Your banking partners and financial advisors want this business – it’s strategic, it’s expensive, and it’s about as sexy as finance gets. Make sure that you are very clear as to what you will get in return. Plan your negotiation strategy and look for ways to achieve value; there are lots of opportunities to do so. Value for money? – literally.

Bond issues are substantial projects which are time (and money) intensive. Put in place good foundations initially by:

setting out a clear project plan
implementing effective contract management
identifying specific risks (banana skin avoidance)
focusing the attention of a team of many talents
providing lots of snacks; midnight oil may be burnt…

Who will fly your flag and steer your team to success and ensure there is enough energy left at the end of the process for, perhaps, the biggest pitch of all?

If you would welcome some time with our highly experienced team to think through your financial strategy and planning, then please contact:
Susan Kane, Partner at Altair on 07870 685891 or email:

Susan leads the Finance team at Altair and also works with Francesca Rhodes, and other associate consultants, to provide practical and hands-on support to housing associations approaching the bond market.