Vertical growth is magic

Vertical growth is magic

Our finance team were at the Housing Finance conference in Warwick and heard some very interesting thoughts on the key to future growth from the perspective of futurologist Magnus Lindkivist:

  • We need to create, reimagine and reinvent to grow vertically in a progressive society
  • Horizontal growth, concentrating on competition for too few resources will leave us in a Game of Thrones world where nothing new gets created, and we fight for the same things going back and forth
  • We need to know what to keep and when it is time to let things go
  • Vertical growth is magic – who ever thought that Angry Birds would be a good investment?
  • We need to free ourselves up to create and grow.

Other topics that were hot on the agenda were:

  •  FRS and the new SORP – continues to be a big concern and area of uncertainty, particularly in the area of impairment of Social Housing properties, though we learnt that positive progress was being made in this area.
  • Financing for small to medium RPs – where are the banks today and what are the alternative options? What will borrowing cost in the future?
  • Financial risk planning – how are organisations fairing with regard to Welfare Reform and rent policy? What are the choices for pensions?
  • Regulation – what is the Regulator’s latest position and what do RPs think about paying for the HCA?
  • Private rented sector – is this an opportunity for RPs or a risk too far?
  • Value for Money – a hot topic following recent regulatory interest. What should RPs be doing and how should they demonstrate this?
  • Why was the queue for conference registration so long? – this may win the prize as the most discussed topic of all!

If these are issues that you are looking at, call Altair for advice and support.

Our experienced Finance team offers:

  • Business planning and financial modelling expertise (Brixx Partners)
  • End-to-end finance health checking
  • Risk management, exit strategy formulation and recovery planning
  • Practical support on funding strategies
  • Up to date regulatory experience
  • Welfare reform impact analysis
  • Interim management support.

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