Altair 2014/15 housing review

Steve DouglasIt’s been a tough and uncertain year for the housing sector. Welfare reform is yet to bite, but is changing the way we think about delivering services and to whom; reduced grant has seen more commercial activity and more risk; the regulator has ratcheted up its role; and the pressure on public service cuts has affected local authorities’ approach to housing management and support services up and down the country. And in a few weeks’ time, post the general election, we could have a whole host of new housing measures.

At Altair we continue to respond to the challenges you face. And last year we worked with 150 organisations on over 350 projects. Projects have ranged from supporting associations through mergers; governance reviews; detailed financial modelling of business plans; and critical friend reviews of services; advising local authorities to set up building companies or to review their housing management arrangements. We’ve helped you to recruit 45 board members and senior executives, including Chairs and Chief Executives. We’d like to say thank you for your custom, to the many of you with whom we have worked throughout the past four years and who keep coming back, as well as to those with whom we’ve worked for the first time this year.

Thank you also to those of you who gave us feedback on our stakeholder survey. You told us you liked what we did, particularly our quality of work and our insight. You also asked for our support on IT and data solutions; asset management reviews; organisational service reviews; and finding high quality Interims. We’ll aim to increase our work in these areas.

We’ve increased our staffing team to respond to your needs and have been joined by Jo-Anne Morgan, Steven McIntosh and Meera Bedi. Many of our Northern clients will know Jo- Anne, who used to work for Capita and is an expert on service reviews. Those in London will know Meera as an experienced development person, who has been a member of the National Housing Federation’s London Development Group for many years. And Steven is a great all rounder, with a property background. We’ll also shortly be joined by three other members of staff to ensure that we can support Michael Appleby, our Head of Organisational Excellence, on our growing work around organisational design and effectiveness.

We’ve also refreshed our website, so if you want to find out about any members of the team or what we’ve been working on take a look at

As we enter our fifth year, and potentially a new or different government, and a changing housing agenda, we’ll aim to continue to respond to your needs, providing both support and challenge during these uncertain times.

For further information contact Steve Douglas: (m) 07810 152 840, Susan Kane: (m) 07870 685 891, Fiona Underwood: (m) 07788 643 092, Chris Wood: (m) 07932693292 or Sarah Palmer: (m) 07806 602933.