Planning with Brixx

liz_andersonIs your Business Plan fully transparent and flexible enough to cope with your current and future requirements? Now that Local Authorities are self-financing, have been able to bid through the new Affordable Housing Framework and can keep Right to Buy receipts for new build, many of you have been able to start developing again. But does your current Business Plan allow you to easily model various development and regeneration options?

Is your Excel model very large and cumbersome meaning it can be difficult to control assumptions and changes? Also how dynamic is your current model when it comes to stress testing your plan for:

  • The impact of low inflation on rent increases (now limited to CPI +1% and no further rent convergence);
  • The impact of welfare reform on your voids, rent arrears and bad debts;
  • Various different development opportunities;
  • Changes to RTB projections;
  • Real growth on costs or impact of planned efficiency savings not being met?

Over 450 Registered Providers are already using Brixx software, and benefiting from its more powerful Business Planning capabilities.

The new HRA and ALMO Solution
Following on from self-financing and the resurgence of development within the Local Authority sector, Brixx have now launched a new Brixx HRA Solution to encourage Local Authorities and ALMOs to also use Brixx for their Business Planning needs.

Why not be at the forefront of this transition and see the benefits of using Brixx for yourselves?

The new HRA Brixx allows you to model any new development and regeneration schemes, and deals with the RTB sharing agreements which enable you to keep RTB receipts for one to one replacement.

We are currently working with Enfield Council to implement Brixx as their new Business Planning tool.

Designed specifically for business modelling, Brixx software provides a more robust and flexible solution to business planning compared to traditional Excel spreadsheets:

  • Brixx is based on object technology, which models business behaviour and captures data
  • The integrity of the plan is guaranteed as the objects are linked through a Chart of Accounts with inherent double-entry
  • The HRA solution has objects set up specifically for Local Authorities and ALMOs and produced all reports required
  • Models can easily be flexed by shifting objects in time and business objects can be added, changed or removed to test assumptions and sensitivities
  • There is limitless ability to change structure and enable or disable parts of the Plan to test various alternatives, e.g. development options
  • The history list provides a dynamic audit trail
  • You have the ability to copy data from Excel into Brixx (for ease of data input) and to export reports from Brixx to Excel to feed into current reporting formats
  • Its dynamic nature means that the model can be used for interactive planning sessions with staff or committee members – the impact of changes can be seen immediately.

So why not take a look at Brixx business planning software?  We believe that it can provide you with a dynamic business planning tool, which will be an integral part of your housing strategy moving forward.

Altair is a certified Brixx partner, and can offer a total service including software implementation, hands-on training and construction of a new Brixx Business Plan based on your existing model.

For a free demonstration of the Brixx software, please contact:
Susan Kane, Partner on 07870 685891 or
Liz Anderson, Senior Consultant on 07833 469476 or