What our stock exchange listing gives us


We’ve been asked why a housing consultancy would go for a listing.

Well, in just over four years we’ve worked with almost 400 clients. And on over 250 projects in this year alone. We are pleased that so many of our clients have come back to us time after time. The listing gives us capacity to work with you plus many more clients without compromising our quality.

It gives us capacity to grow our expert staff resources, to invest in our technology and our range of services. It will also enable us to invest in our research and thought leadership activities, all of which have been important to Altair’s brand and have added value to our many clients.

It provides a really strong platform for future expansion and growth across our business streams and across our areas of operation to deliver that equivalent quality to a wider range of clients.

We have made our investor model, based on the John Lewis Partnership model, real. This means that many of our staff also have a stake in the company and share the values of the Company’s founding Partners, for top level expertise, quality and thought leadership.

And as a final bonus, Altair’s experience of seeking a listing will also be beneficial to organisations who are similarly considering seeking a Stock Exchange listing for a subsidiary or private trading body.