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Posted: 8th January 2016

rate sheetTreasury management is a funny old business. Just like a London cabbie, those who work in the finance department of an RP need to have the “knowledge”. Rather than knowing how to drive from A to B via the quickest route, they need to understand how to interpret the financial markets.

Why? Because liquidity is king and getting your treasury numbers wrong will be the thing that busts your business.

Would you like to have access to all the key market data at the click of a mouse?

What is the latest forecast for both short-term and long-term rates in the UK?

How quickly and how far will rates rise when the MPC begins to unwind the very accommodative policy it has been pursuing for the last 8 years?

Can you benchmark fixed rate (or SWAP rate) indications that are being quoted by your lending counterparties?

Can you track the cost of breaking any of your current fixed rate arrangements with your lending counterparties?

What key events are likely to impact on current market rates?

The recent acquisition of Murja Limited will enable clients of the Group (Altair and Murja) to access timely information on a range of market data via the Murja website. Specifically, users can access the following data:

  • Sterling fixed rates for periods from 1 year up to 50 years;
  • cash deposit rates for periods up to one year;
  • indications for forward-starting fixed rates up to 10 years in the future (and for tenors out to 30 years);
  • historic inflation data (for CPI and RPI);
  • forecast for inflation rates (CPI and RPI);
  • daily Market Briefings on key aspects of the financial markets;
  • Quarterly Economic Reports that can be downloaded and slotted into your treasury strategy reports.

If you would like to sign up for a free trial to the website or would like more details about the treasury management services that Murja and Altair can offer then please contact Richard Murphy, Director of Murja on 020 3195 2800 |

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