Brexit: Governance lessons from the wild west

Mark SweenyIn a small mid-West town in the Unites States, in the year of our Lord 1883, there was a murder trial taking place with a packed courthouse. During the afternoon, the sun was covered by dust clouds and an early darkness set in, followed by the worst storm for a century.

Rumours swept the courthouse that this was the harbinger of the end of the world and judgement was approaching. The judge banged his gavel until calm was restored. “Ladies and Gentlemen. If this is not the end of the world, then I will simply not permit this shocking behaviour in my court. If, however, it is indeed the end of the world then I, for one, wish to be found at such a time fulfilling my duty to my fellow citizens.”

The nexus of risks that has just materialised is literally unpredictable so, in governance terms the advice is simple; don’t panic, keep calm and carry on. What is about to happen will be the effective test of your strategic risk mitigations – watch, learn and adapt; just be quick about it.

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