Lessons from Celebrity Marriages

Posted: 7th November 2016

chris-wood-240x260I do like a good wedding. I even enjoyed my own. Frocks, flowers, family, food and fun.

But…. call me old fashioned, I do think that marriage is a curious solution to a housing crisis.

However, it seems to be one that many Housing Associations are pursuing and it all seems to be ending in tears. Let me offer some marriage guidance.

It has always struck me that there are 3 types of marriage:-

  1. Old fashioned – A meets B, falls in love, makes long commitment blah blah blah
  2. Convenience – outside of romance – tax, child on the way, residence overseas etc.
  3. Celebrity – a showy affair to aid profile, marketing potential and sales.

Curiously, many housing associations seem to be pursuing the Celebrity option. Why pursue a Celebrity marriage over an old fashioned or marriage of convenience?

And what is wrong with being single anyway?

At the start of the summer, it was widely reported that Taylor Swift (American global recording artist) and Calvin Harris (Scottish singer songwriter) were about to tie the knot. By early July, Taylor had dumped Calvin and reported to Celeb Buzz.com that Tom Hiddleston (English Actor) was Grade A marriage material after a full month of serious dating. By the end of July, Taylor announced that Tom was not the man for her.  I was on the edge of my seat for two whole months. And that’s without even mentioning the messy demise of ‘Brangelina’ the golden couple of Hollywood, which has become one of the biggest news stories of the year.

I wouldn’t want to suggest for one minute that David Montague (L&Q), Kate Davis, (NHHT), Neil Hadden (Genesis), Elaine Bailey (Hyde) or Geeta Nanda (TVHA) are in any way emulating Taylor Swift. For a start, none of them can sing – as far as I know.  (I for one do not believe the reports that Neil and Geeta did a Jay-Z and Beyoncé karaoke duet at a joint staff event – which put an end to merger talks).

The on/off marriage stories, through which Taylor managed to sustain a strong profile in the Celeb gossip columns, do have a strange resonance with the on/off mergers of some of our larger housing associations in recent times.  The next time Taylor announces her engagement, her intended partner (and I) will not take it seriously. Something for our celebrity Housing Associations to reflect on?

Of course I shouldn’t complain. Traditional, convenient or celebrity marriages between housing associations are good business for housing consultancies. So if you are thinking of getting your housing association hitched – I may be able to help you.

We can make introductions, speed dating, arranged marriages, flirtations, affairs, progressing to long term relationships and maybe even one day a marriage. As I said before, I do like a good wedding and Autumn is always a great time.

For more information, please contact Chris Wood on 07932 693 292 | chris.wood@altairltd.co.uk

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