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Gender pay reporting: Is your housing association ready?

The introduction of gender pay reporting in April 2017 may seem far off, but organisations need to start prioritising this […]

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A fresh perspective

Since joining Altair as a Business Analyst earlier this year, I have been based in the People business stream. In […]

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Innovative housing solutions: Going modular

Wales, like many parts of the UK, continues to suffer from a chronic shortage of housing. There simply aren’t enough […]

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Collaboration: The Art of the Possible

We know that the sector as a whole faces immense challenges and uncertainty in delivering services within the current operating […]

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The end of telephony

You probably know that Alexander Graham Bell is credited with the invention of the telephone. He was awarded a patent […]

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Is your business too complicated to manage risk?

Can you “articulate” your position? Risk is part of all our lives; both in business and personally. We cannot make […]

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Shifting landscape for developing associations

There have been many articles talking about the shifting landscape for developing housing associations – ever since the Conservatives reached […]

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Collaboration: BME Housing associations join forces

For many in the housing sector, collaborative exercises such as sharing services, joint ventures and strategic alliances have proved extremely […]

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Future regulation – implications of Brexit, Housing and Planning Act, IDAs, VFM and more

Here is a roundup of the main points arising from the joint sessions Steve Douglas, Susan Kane and Fiona Underwood […]

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Brexit: Implications for employment law

I have a confession to make. Though I included a ‘novel and brief paragraph’ about the possible impacts of Brexit […]

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