How are ALMOs evolving and transforming in an ever changing market?

Lucy Worrall gives an insight into some interesting new research

Altair have been commissioned to deliver a project exploring how ALMOs are adapting to the changes in the housing market, which will be launched next week.

The research is sponsored by the National Federation of ALMOs, South Essex Homes, City West Homes and Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing.

In 2000 the option of an ALMO to deliver homes was established and the number of ALMOs peaked at 70 in 2008, but today around 35 are in operation.

In the last six years, four new ALMOs have been created as a way of meeting the new challenges facing local authorities. This is despite a recent trend for ALMOs to be brought back in house.

The ALMO sector has matured and new management agreements have been negotiated. In some instances, this has created the opportunity for ALMOs to deliver new services on behalf of their sponsor authority. It has also opened up commercial opportunities for these organisations.

The focus of this project will be to provide research, evidence and insight into the variety of activities being undertaken by ALMOs and how they are adapting to the current challenges presented by the operating environment.

Using our knowledge, networks and research consultancy expertise we will seek to:

  • highlight the work being undertaken by ALMOs within the sector
  • understand how they can best add value
  • show the variety of approaches and the challenges they face
  • showcase innovation in their field
  • see the opportunities that could be open to them in the future

The research will lead to the publication of a public facing report. This will act as an important reference source for advice and guidance to those working in the sector. It will also generate discussion and provide ideas for managing current challenges through exploring new ways of working.

The report will be published in June.

If you’d like to hear more about the researches please contact me:

  • 07880 327 205
  • @AltairLtd