Practical Proposals to Improve Housing Poverty

Gemma Duggan announces the start of a major new project commissioned by JRF to be undertaken by Altair.

Housing and poverty are strongly entwined. A good quality affordable home can help lift people out of poverty and increase life opportunities. But on the flip side, the costs of housing, and transitions between different types of housing, can be a major factor in people falling into the poverty trap. In an exciting research project, and as part of the Joseph Rowntree Foundations (JRF) Housing and Poverty Programme, Altair will develop practical policy proposals to help alleviate housing related poverty across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

The policy and practice proposals will respond directly to evidence from an on-going qualitative longitudinal study – Housing and Life Experiences – that aims to better understand the effect of housing circumstance and events on the risk and experience of poverty across the life course that is being undertaken by the Centre for Housing Policy (CHP) at the University of York.

The aim of this work will be to influence housing policy and practice amongst governments, local authorities, landlords and other stakeholders across the UK. The proposals will focus on housing related actions which can improve an individual’s household life by better preventing, mitigating and reducing poverty at different life stages.

Altair will be working closely with JRF, CHP and a range of housing professionals from across the UK. This will ensure the successful delivery of the work for its launch in mid-October.

As a housing focused consultancy working across the UK and Ireland, Altair has an excellent track record. It delivers practical, evidenced, costed ideas and solutions that housing providers, governments and local authorities can implement. This research compliments both the JRF’s and CHPs substantial existing research into issues related to housing and poverty.

Brian Robson, Policy and Research Manager for Housing at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, said:

“We cannot solve poverty unless we get to grips with the rocketing cost of decent housing. In the UK today, there are over three million more people living in poverty after housing costs are taken into account than before. National and local Governments, landlords and the rest of the housing sector all have a vital role to play in providing more safe, secure and affordable housing, and this project will offer practical suggestions on the policies which will offer people in or at risk of poverty genuine support.”

Karen Croucher, Research Fellow, Centre for Housing Policy said: 

“Our qualitative work with low income households has produced important evidence about their housing experiences. We are now looking forward to working with Altair on the final phase of the project

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