Summer is here!

As summer is finally upon us, we reflect on housing and the uncertain environment that we now face.

  • The Grenfell tragedy
  • The post regulation regime, since its deregulation
  • Brexit negotiations
  • The hiatus on housing policies and strategies which were much trumpeted pre the General Election but which now need delivery and action

We reflect on the things that we know and also our own work with our partners.

Many housing providers are continuing to focus on how to create their own future and we are working with LB Lambeth on a major new approach to how they manage a number of their large estates.

We are also working with Housing and Care 21, providing programme assurance and Critical Friend support to a programme that will fundamentally change the way they provide services to their thousands of residents and leaseholders. This follows from the work we have completed over the past few years, with Alliance Homes, Salvation Army HA and City West Homes.

In July, we have now cumulatively worked with over 450 organisations.

These clients include Third Sector charities, one of whom we are working on a significant value for money service and efficiency programme. Also a range of private and not-for profit registered providers, including Sage Housing, for whom we are currently recruiting a number of Non-Executive Directors.

The Grenfell tragedy has put a spotlight on asset management and existing housing stock. We are pleased our developing partnership with  pod Construction and Regeneration Consultancy, means that we are able to offer advice and support on property matters more widely.

The summer will be a time for reflection, and without wishing to spoil this time for rest and holidays, some things to think about:

  • Brexit will continue to give uncertainty to economic markets. Inflation will do the same. Business plans and treasury strategies need to constantly factor in this uncertainty and must be dynamic.
  • The balance between investment in existing homes and services and new homes to meet the continued pressing need, will be a major topic for discussion in the autumn. As will be the cost and requirements for maintenance of existing towers and homes in light of Grenfell. We’ll continue our support to the sector in all of these areas.
  • In September, we’ll see the publication of the VIVID sponsored and CIOH supported publication Building Bridges, the relationship between LAs and Housing Associations. We are pleased to have worked with Ross Fraser and John Perry, the authors of this important work.
  • We will also see the publication of ALMOs- Innovation, challenges and opportunities, a reflection of the change in these organisations over the past 15 years. There will be implications for local authorities, for Large Scale Voluntary Transfer organisations and for housing providers more widely.
  • And later in the autumn, JRF will publish our research into the practical ways that organisations can help alleviate poverty amongst their residents.
  • Finally, we’ll also be launching the results of the first year campaign for Leadership2025, the initiative to change the diversity of the leadership of the sector, over the next few years, which has gained sector wide support. To find out more. Click here.
  • We’ll have a host of events to launch these publications and also to bring sector leaders and thinkers together.

If you would be interested in attending similar events in future, please click here.

We wish all of our 450 plus clients- both old and new, a good summer; we know that for many of you this will not be a time of rest. We continue to be here to support you grow, change and remain resilient.