Future Gazing, Future Shaping – 2018 Refresh

Michael Appleby, Director - AltairTwo years ago, we released a series of three reports titled ‘Future Gazing, Future Shaping’.

The reports were in part based on a sector wide survey and series of interviews that were designed to cover three main areas:

  • What is the vision for the sector in 2025?
  • How are organisations currently approaching transformation?
  • What innovative ideas are being implemented (in and out of the sector) which organisations can learn from, to transform the way they operate in the future?

The reports were very well received and are available on our website (Click here)

Since then, the housing sector has moved on quickly. We are already starting to see a number of our predictions being enacted. For example, some of the predications in our reports included:

  • Disruptors would enter the sector and challenge the status quo – this is now happening through new entrants in the form of for-profit RPs and a large number of LA owned vehicles
  • Digitalisation of services would become the norm – most now have some form of digital strategy in place and in our recent survey of the sector nearly 75% of respondents stated that digitalisation is a key priority for the next three years
  • 9 to 5 working will be a thing of the past – a large number of organisations are now implementing more flexible approaches to employment with a greater focus on agile working

Over the last two years we have also seen an increase in other areas not covered in our reports. An example of this is  an increasing focus on alternative approaches to development, modular builds and offsite construction. We’re also now seeing organisations increasingly looking at areas such as smart homes as a realistic part of their customer offer. In other sectors artificial intelligence is starting to come to the fore.

With this context in mind, now is an opportune time to test again where the sector currently sees itself and how it is planning for the future.

In August we will therefore be re-launching our new “Future Gazing, Future Shaping” survey and we will be aiming to again get input from a cross section of the sector. We will also be completing follow-up interviews and hosting a series of sessions to discuss the findings with organisations.

Keep an eye out for the survey and if you’re interested in knowing more or want to be involved, contact:

Michael Appleby – Michael.appleby@altairltd.co.uk or 07545 314 749

Graham Hishmurgh – graham.hishmurgh@altairltd.co.uk or 07940 569 395