2018: A Year in Pictures, Headlines & Numbers.

Posted: 17th December 2018

Did you get all the headlines behind the pictures? Find out below:

2018: Winter: it’s cold outside

  1. Facebook & Cambridge Analytica Scandal
  2. Homes England Formed
  3. Dominic Raab is appointed Housing Minister
  4. Construction giant Carillion is going into liquidation after its huge financial troubles finally overwhelmed it. The UK’s second-largest construction company buckled under the weight of a whopping £1.5bn debt pile.
  5. Putin re-elected as Russian President
  6. KFC ran out of chicken!


2018: Winter in Altair


–Housing Finance Agency Dublin

–Soha Housing Limited Funding Advice

–Langstane HA Funding Advice

–LHP Governance Advisor

–Shepherds Bush Housing Group Recruitment Support

–Aster Group – RemCom Advisors


2018: Spring – Green Shoots

  1. Prince Louis born St George’s Day
  2. World Cup
  3. A Royal Wedding
  4. Trump & Kim Jong-un: unlikely candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize
  5. Largest earthquake for a decade hits South Wales
  6. James Brokenshire appointed Secretary of State for Housing


2018: Spring in Altair

  • GDPR
  • Promotions for Mihir and Toby
  • Investments in Asset Core and 3c
  • Wins
    • Homes for NHS Staff GLA
    • Network Homes Development Support
    • Clyde Valley Funding Advice


2018: A Summer of Hope and Despair

  1. The moment when the nation collectively held it’s breath thinking football was finally coming home
  2. Crossrail to be delayed by a yearBoris Johnson resigns as Foreign Secretary
  3. Jack and Dani winners of Love Island 2018
  4. Kit Malthouse appointed Secretary of State for Housing
  5. Apple Worlds first company to achieve capitalisation of $1t
  6. Prime Minister announces £2bn funding for social housing
  7. Brett Kavanaugh nominated to the US Supreme Court
  8. The world said good-bye to Stephen Hawking


2018: Summer in Altair

  • Heat
  • Dodgeball / football
  • Staff conference
  • Wins
    • Coastal HAs Modular Construction
    • Future New Homes
    • Larch Governance Health Check
    • THCH ACM Cladding Project Lead
    • Tower Hamlets ALMO Review


2018: Autumn/Winter

  1. 700,000 people march to demand a ‘People’s Vote’ on Brexit
  2.  HRA debt cap abolition announced at tory conference
  3. Mid-term elections in the US
  4. We all watched the Bodyguard
  5. May brings back ‘a deal’……
  6. St Saviours footbridge closed
  7. Government have banned the NHS from buying any more fax machines – they have 9,000 across the service already

2018: Autumn in Altair

  • Celebrating year one of Leadership 2025
  • First Altair Africa commission
  • Wins
    • TfL Property Services Consultants Framework – 5 year open service framework
    • ROI Regulator Financial Viability Reviews
    • Peabody Digital Record
    • SBHA Transformation Programme Support
    • Aster Group HR Support
    • Chrysalis Governance Health Check
    • States of Jersey – Keyworker Housing
    • Altair Africa now in Rwanda, Nigeria and Ghana, spreading our wings to Kyrgyzstan in the New Year


2018: A Year in Numbers

  • Total number of days worked by employed consultants – 3,88
  • Current clients – 225
  • New projects – 96
  • Brixx reviews – 75
  • Staff members – 54





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