Latest Webinar: Executive Remuneration – has your organisation got it right?

Posted: 28th February 2021

The motivation and retention of executives to implement corporate strategy is vital to an organisation’s success. And it is important that organisations align their reward strategy with their business strategy to drive the right behaviours and improve performance.

At this time of year, many organisations will be considering what levels of remuneration they should be setting for 2019 / 20. This is a difficult decision, often needing to balance a wide range of competing factors. This is particularly the case where external interest across all sectors in executive pay is on the rise.

This webinar provides an overview of the current trends in relation to executive reward in the housing, as well as other sectors and also gives an update on some of the key areas in which organisations should be considering when reviewing remuneration and developing new reward strategies.
Click here to understand:
• Factors impacting on reward
• Trends in reward in the housing sector
• What the future looks like?
• Key considerations when designing your exec reward strategy

This webinar is aimed at Chairs, Remuneration Committee Chairs, Chief Executives and HR Directors – or any other individuals who have a specific interest or responsibility for setting levels of remuneration for executives in the housing sector.

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