Local Government Housing Advisers Programme 2019-20

The Local Government Association (LGA) has recently launched its Housing Advisers Programme with grants of up to £50,000 on offer, allowing councils to secure expert advice in transforming how a service or partnership meets the housing need of communities. This is designed to support councils by helping them meet their local housing need. It aims to be simple, flexible, and locally led.

In the previous two years of the Housing Advisers Programme the LGA have funded over 100 councils to help build homes, reduce homelessness, plan for ageing populations, understand the student housing market, increase supply of modular housing, and more.

The programme will continue to fund the provision of bespoke expert support, from companies such as Altair, to councils – or groups of councils – wanting to transform the delivery of homes and places, the quality and security of existing homes, and to both the prevention and reduction of homelessness. It seeks to fund ambitious outcome focused projects.

This could involve looking at one or more of: strategy, service design, delivery operations, workforce or partnerships. The projects can focus on a wide variety of differing opportunities from meeting housing and wider support needs  of low income families to refreshing homelessness services and partnerships  to focus on prevention, as well as more structural projects such as look at the reformation of the end to end planning process and the relationship with developers. The only limit to the scope of these projects is that they meet the following criteria:

  1. They are focused on local need and involve local people and partners.
  2. They use and create evidence about what works well to address local need.
  3. They will have a sustainable impact beyond the period of the funding.

How to apply

The Programme is now open for expressions of interest.

Please email housingadvisers@local.gov.uk to request a form.

Prospective applicants must ensure that their answers to each expression of interest question must address the question directly and not exceed a maximum word length of 500 words per question.

The expression of interest must be signed off by the local authority’s leader and chief executive, or appropriate lead member and senior officer (including the S151 officer where there are financial implications).

The programme is open to all English councils, either individually or as a partnership, though if you are forming a partnership of councils (and other organisations), a single council must lead the project. The LGA will use a panel of experts to assess bids and as part of this process will engage with councils as necessary.

The deadline for submission of your expression of interest is 5.00 pm on 19th September 2019

On 20th August 2019, the LGA is hosting a free webinar to introduce the 2019/20 Housing Advisers Programme and guide councils through the application process.

For more details click here to view the full 2019-20 LGA Advisers Programme Prospectus.