Council’s Building Homes Webinar Series: Joint Venture Success

In this series we will explore ways in which Local Authorities are meeting the dynamic challenges of building homes. Altair is delighted to invite you to the next webinar in the series: Joint Venture Success. A number of the Local Authorities we work with have set up Joint Ventures (JVs) to achieve their delivery targets.
Successful partnerships are built on strong relationships and a solid structure that best suits the needs of all stakeholders, and with a number of ways to structure JVs there are many considerations to be aware of. In this webinar we get advice from one of the sector’s leading law firms as well as key lessons from Notting Hill Genesis and their experience on the ground. If you haven’t signed up already click below.

Jake Brodetsky, Joint Venture Partnership Director at Notting Hill Genesis, will draw upon his first hand experience to provide insight into the opportunities and challenges in setting up and running successful joint venture partnerships

Jonathan Jarvis, Partner at Devonshires Solicitors LLP, leads advisory on joint ventures within the social housing sector, and will examine the key factors and legal considerations that Local Authorities must take into account before deciding on their joint venture structures.

11.00  Altair introduction from Matt Carroll, Director, Altair
11:05  “A good JV partner: finding one and being one” Jake Brodetsky, experienced Joint Venture Partnership Director at Notting Hill Genesis
11:20  “Joint Venture legal considerations” Jonathan Jarvis, leading sector solicitor at Devonshires 
11:35  Questions from the audience
11:45  Close

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