The Best of our Webinars

In today’s fast-paced world webinars are a key part of any business. Our Webinars will feature expert consultants, guest clients and key sector readers. We hope that you find these useful.

How data is shaping the future of social housing – featuring 3C Consultants and Westward Housing

The catalyst for successful change is data. It sits at the heart of business strategy for those who seek successful change. New behaviours must be established. Creative thinking must be embraced and encouraged. Leaders must examine their organisation to establish a new culture based on qualified decisions driven by data.

All of which means that making sure the data is right is absolutely fundamental; it’s not a regulatory risk, it’s mission-critical.

Extending your impact through community engagement

In June this year, Oaks Consultancy Ltd Joined Altair as part of Aquila Services Group, a group of consultancies sharing the purpose of ‘making a better, more sustainable, socially responsible world’. Oaks work with socially minded organisations to help them develop and implement strong community investment strategies. They also support organisations to diversify income streams and access funding to successfully deliver planned activities.

With ever-increasing pressure on budget and resources for Housing Providers and Local Authorities, coupled with the increased focus on tenant’s voice, and continued uncertainty of what Brexit may bring, community engagement is more important than ever for those in social and affordable housing; and for the providers, income generation is key.

Councils Building Homes Webinar Series: Joint Venture Success

We will explore the ways in which Local Authorities are meeting the dynamic challenges of building homes. A number of the Local Authorities we work with have set up Joint Ventures (JVs) to achieve their delivery targets.

For more information on Altair’s work with Local Authorities, please click here for more information

Altair is delighted to invite you to the next webinar in the series: Joint Venture Success.

Council’s Building Homes Webinar Series: Let’s Stop Talking and Start Building

In this series we will explore ways in which Local Authorities are meeting the dynamic challenges of building homes.

Drawing upon his first hand experience as former Leader of a London Local Authority, Sir Steve Bullock will provide his unique perspective on the strategic challenges facing local authorities as they respond to the pressing need to build more homes.

For more information on Altair’s work with Local Authorities, please click here for more information

Our own Matt Carroll, Director of the Altair Property Team and co-founder of Pod LLP in 2008, will share lessons from his active involvement delivering complex, high quality development projects from acquisition to completion, for a wide range of Providers and Local Authorities.

The Altair ALMO Series – Stock Safety

Altair are pleased to invite you to our next webinar on Stock Safety, with speakers from the NFA and City West Homes. The Grenfell Fire Tragedy last year has led to a renewed focus on stock safety, with ALMOs reviewing their processes and arrangements to ensure the safety of residents.

Eamon McGoldrick, NFA Managing Director, will provide an overview of safety and Board responsibilities, Sarah Stevenson-Jones, Head of Health, Safety & Wellbeing at City West Housing, will look at how City West Homes has responded to the issues around stock safety, including around fire safety.

The Altair ALMO Series – Universal Credit

How is Universal Credit bedding in? Hear from Altair, The NFA, Homes in Sedgemoor, Your Homes Newcastle, and Job Centre Plus.

Executive Remuneration: has your organisation got it right?

At this time of year, many organisations will be considering what levels of remuneration they should be setting for 2019 / 20. This is a difficult decision, often needing to balance a wide range of competing factors. This is particularly the case where external interest across all sectors in executive pay is on the rise.

This webinar will provide an overview of the current trends in relation to executive reward in the housing, and also provide an update on some of the key areas in which organisations should be considering when reviewing remuneration and developing new reward strategies.

Podplan demo for Clúid Housing

Altair to explain what Podplan is and demonstrate the features and benefits of the product.