Altair’s Podplan Development Appraisal Toolkit success at Basildon, Swan and Golding Homes

Posted: 28th February 2021

Altair currently supplies Podplan to over 30 developing organisations across the country, including several long-standing housing association, local authority, private developer and consultancy clients. We take pride in the transparency, clarity and usability of our toolkits, which helps users to quickly understand the financial performance and viability of development projects and to quantify risk. 

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Podplan requires very little implementation before project managers can start using it. Once purchased, we work closely with organisations to set key development appraisal assumptions and agree any bespoke amendments that need incorporating. Podplan can be used by any number of staff members – there are no individual user restrictions – and can be easily emailed between users. There are no specific ICT system requirements beyond the need for Excel and data outputs can be manipulated into formats that can be easily uploaded into other systems.  

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Our Podplan models are safe guarded with internal audit and validation functions designed to highlight any unusual or omitted inputs which may cause incorrect calculations and outputs. All calculations are locked within the model to prevent unintentional amendments and input cells clearly signposted.  

As well as providing ‘off the shelf’ development appraisal models – such as Podplan Scheme – we also undertake bespoke modelling and toolkit building for clients. This includes bespoke joint venture (JV) models, current stock appraisal toolkits and Build to Rent financial models. 

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For more information or to request a demonstration, please contact David Howson at, Aaron Elliott at, or Bradley Tollon at    

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