Making good governance straightforward with Altair’s Digi-ScoreBoard

Altair Consultancy and Advisory Services Ltd collaborates with leaders in online governance reviews: Digi-Board Ltd

As the new NHF Code of Governance is released to the housing sector, executive teams are aware of the importance of good governance, and asking themselves “how do we ensure we get it right”? Leading consultancy in social housing Altair Ltd have collaborated with Digi-Board Ltd to provide the only digital governance tool designed specifically for the housing sector. Digi-ScoreBoard is part of Altair’s Smart Governance Solutions to make good governance straightforward.

Digi-Board is the leading provider of online governance reviews for charities and not-for-profit organisations. They strive to modernise governance with bespoke reviews that provide assurance, so their clients can do more for the causes they care about.

Altair’s Digi-ScoreBoard will streamline governance reviews

Altair’s consultants work with many organisations across the housing sector, providing rational, objective, sometimes challenging advice; and are familiar with handling complex and sensitive information. Working with Digi-Board will streamline the process for governance reviews, board effectiveness reviews, compliance reviews as well as skills audits and appraisal support. The digital tool is easy to use and is mindful of making good use of Board Members’ time. 

By combining the latest technology and digital expertise with Altair’s in-depth knowledge of governance in housing, this new solution provides a simple and efficient method to review, improve and measure boards against the new NHF Code.

Key features of Altair’s Digi-ScoreBoard tool include:

Colour-coded dashboards enable boards to quickly and easily understand strengths and areas for improvement, before digging deeper into specific areas to review more granular data.
  • Specifically designed for the housing sector
  • Intelligent insight into the effectiveness of boards and committees
  • Easy to use and interpret reports driving the focus to key points of discussion
  • Interactive reporting enabling exploration and interrogation of findings
  • Visual presentation of results to stimulate debate, discussion, and insight
  • Ability to benchmark against peer organisations within the sector
  • Annual monitoring of progress to track impact and changes
  • Provision of assurance on compliance against key requirements
  • Digital platform with easy completion of questionnaires

The experienced team at Digi-Board understand the need for boards to review governance processes, identify gaps and easily monitor progress – quickly and efficiently.

Helen Michaels, CEO and Co-Founder said: “Digi-Board’s audience has grown throughout the charity and non-for-profit sector. Working with Altair is a huge opportunity to extend this success into the housing sector, where I believe we can make a big difference to boards and their performance”.

Following the collaboration, Altair’s Digi-ScoreBoard will be an addition to their Smart Governance Solutions, and increase capacity to provide a more proficient governance offer to a wider range of organisations including smaller associations.

Fiona Underwood CEO and one of the founding Partners of Altair commented: “Altair’s Governance offer has grown steadily in recent years and working with Digi-Board provides us with the platform to expand further. This agile tool enables us to provide value as well as developing a more comprehensive offer to the larger more complex housing providers. We are delighted that the experienced team from Digi-Board have chosen to work with us in leading digital governance within the housing sector. And look forward to accelerated growth in this space, to build on our track record in supporting organisations to grow, change and be resilient”.

Click here to view a short video on Digi-ScoreBoard.

For more information about how Digi-ScoreBoard can support your board, to fully engage with the new code and apply it in practise, please contact Cathy Beazley, Service Delivery Director, or Tina Sokhal, Consultant at Altair.