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Putting behaviour change at the forefront of your sustainability programmes

In recent years, the case for environmental change has comprised of a mixture of internal and external, “stick and carrot” […]

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The Case for Sustainability: The Resident’s Voice

Sustainability in social housing is often discussed in the context of cost, risk and legislative requirements, with the impact on […]

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Altair and Sweco working to tackle climate change through sustainable cities

Mark Warren from Sweco joined us earlier this week to discuss working with Altair to tackle climate change through building […]

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Sustainable urbanisation must be prioritised by all stakeholders

Cities today generate more than 80% of GDP, provide opportunity for increasing standards of living, and help hundreds of millions lift themselves […]

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Exporting the UK affordable housing sector in a post-Brexit world

Affordable housing in the UK is by no means perfect, in fact various estimates suggest that between 1997 and 2017 […]

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Post Covid-19 – Asset Management Recovery

Stresses have been well and truly tested.  Disaster recovery plans have been actioned and essential changes such as working from […]

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A call to Government for certainty: retrofitting homes for a zero-carbon future

It is estimated that four out of five homes to be occupied in 2050 have already been built. The social […]

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The circular economy – paving the way to carbon zero asset management strategies

The London’s Assembly new ‘London Plan’ (in its final stages of development) requires organisations to produce circular economy statements for […]

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A brighter future for green homes?

With £2bn of government funding set aside for domestic energy efficiency over the next year, green tech and services senior […]

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Altair’s Sector Stocktake Q2 2020-21

At Altair, we see housing associations, local authorities and private developers face new and growing challenges every day. Constant political, […]

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