A catch up with Ellie Dickens…

Catch up with Ellie Dickens
Posted: 6th September 2021 Ellie Dickens, Graduate Consultant

As one of Altairs newest Graduate Consultants, we catch up with Ellie Dickens in her new role. She discusses how her final year at university ignited her interest in consultancy, and why Altair was her first choice.

Read below our full catch up with Ellie Dickens and all she has to offer in her new role…

Catch up with Ellie Dickens


As one of the newest members of the team at Altair, tell us about your background and experience so far:

“I graduated with a degree in International Business Management in 2019, which was an eye opener into the world of consultancy. I focused my studies on consultancy in my final year of University which seeded my interest for the industry.

After graduating I had the intention of travelling, but like many others, COVID forced me back home to England. I quickly picked up a role in managing the eCommerce operations of a retail company as well as starting a couple of business ventures of my own. All of these roles were particularly customer-centric and focused on the management and delivery of various tasks.

I knew I wanted a career in consultancy, but I was unsure of what sector. The past few years have been pinnacle for me realising how the Housing Sector can be considerably underrepresented and following much media attention after the Grenfell Tower tragedy, I thought it was not only a sector that needs attention, but one in which I could thrive. This led me to apply for the position at Altair.”

What attracted you most to join Altair and apply for the graduate scheme?

“The innovative nature of company really stood out to me. There is a significant emphasis on social housing and sustainability, which are key issues to consider in the housing sector.

I was particularly interested in the hands on approach Altair offered in their Graduate Programme – learning alongside experts and getting stuck in, working on various projects with different people at different levels throughout the company. The learning while training aspect was a priority in my job search.

Altair is a leader in the industry with a really personable approach, and I felt I could make a difference being a part of the company.”

What areas are you most excited about working in over the next year?

“Mainly getting to know processes behind the success of each project from start to finish. Whether it be appraisals, proposals, planning or delivery. I’m really looking forward to working with colleagues with a variety of expertise, to learn how I can be a future leader in the industry.”

What expertise do you bring that you think will be of most value to your role at Altair, and what skills are you hoping to develop?

“I believe my customer-centric thinking will be invaluable to my role at Altair. I have such a drive to learn, and genuinely excited to help improve lives of those in social housing.

I’m very excited to continue developing my skills in property; working on databases, and demonstrating to clients what amazing services and specialisms Altair offer.”

How do you like to spend your free time? What do you do on weekends?

“Family and friends are my main form of entertainment, especially my two nieces and nephew. I’m incredibly fond of sports and being a tourist around London, eating new cuisines and soaking in the city life. And probably like everyone else, travel is something I can’t wait to pick up again once travel restrictions ease up.”


You can learn more about Ellie and check out her full profile here.

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