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Posted: 11th October 2021 Kate Perham-Marchant, Graduate Consultant

In this article we catch up with Kate Perham-Marchant, Graduate Consultant at Altair. And learn how her dissertation research on community engagement sparked her interest in the housing sector.


Read below our full catch up with Kate Perham-Marchant and all she has to offer in her new role…

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As one of the newest members of the team at Altair, tell us about your background and experience so far:

I recently graduated from the University of Birmingham where I studied Geography, with an emphasis on the social and environmental aspects of the programme. I conducted my dissertation on the level of community engagement in neighbourhood planning schemes. This involved a lot of primary research where I interviewed local councillors and community members regarding a development project in my home town. By comparing the outcomes of the interviews with relevant policies, I ascertained the gap between policy and practice, and how this could be reduced in order to improve community representation within the planning system.

What attracted you most to join Altair and apply for the graduate scheme?

I was looking for a graduate scheme with a heavy focus on learning and training. I felt like consultancy as a profession offers a really broad and thorough introduction to the many practices of working, so was it something I was keen to pursue.

Housing is of special interest to me, this was ignited by my dissertation research. I drew parallels between the elements of the research I enjoyed, and Altair’s similar projects. The driving force in my application was Altair’s leadership in customer voice and improvements within the housing sector. Additionally, as I was going through the interview process, everyone at Altair was really friendly and it felt like such a welcoming environment.

What areas are you most excited about working in over the next year?

Working in the management side of Altair’s consultancy services and the introduction to Altair’s various business streams. I’m looking forward to working both internally to meet people from all over the business, and externally with clients to get a better insight into the housing sector. I’m particularly interested in looking at different types of housing and their providers, for example: specialist supported housing. I think it’s important to remember that housing provision is more than a house, it’s about building healthy and sustainable communities.

What expertise do you bring that you think will be of most value to your role at Altair, and what skills are you hoping to develop?

Recently graduating from university put me in an excellent position, with lots of experience in conducting research, analysis and report writing. As a good communicator, who enjoys working within a team, I’m looking forward to applying these skills to Altair’s projects.

In terms of development, I’m hoping to learn what it takes to be a great consultant – particularly through improving my presentation skills. I’m also looking forward to improving my knowledge of the housing sector!

How do you like to spend your free time? What do you do on weekends?

I love spending time with my family and friends. Sometimes you’ll find me experimenting in the kitchen, cooking and baking with whatever is in the cupboard or fridge! Following COVID-19, I also can’t wait to get back into travelling as I love exploring different places.


To find out more, you can find Kate’s full Altair profile here.

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