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Circular Economic Opportunities in a Post-Covid World

First published by Inside Housing here. The green agenda is high on the Government’s priority list to stimulate economic recovery, […]

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Will you lead or lag? Time to play your ESG trump card

Be a leader in ESG When it comes to accessing competitive financing in the sector, the new trump card to […]

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What makes a change programme successful?

What’s that saying? “There is nothing permanent except change” Heraclitus. Dealing with change, adapting to change, learning from change, it is all […]

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Using Technology to support your specific customer centric services

As the digital agenda continues at pace within the social housing sector, housing providers are continually assessing technologies that will […]

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Experts Phil Smith & Cher Lewney join Altair’s Digital & Technology Consultancy Service

Following the launch of our Digital and Technology consultancy service back in March we are excited to announce the arrival […]

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Registered providers should revisit their risk appetite

There is no doubt that the last year has been the definitive ‘black swan’ event that so many of us […]

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Leadership in 2021: What needs to change?

Office working has changed for good. Now that we’ve implemented the technology (mostly) and demonstrated our ability to work effectively […]

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Practical tips to ensure success as hybrid teams

Almost all 50 of the UK’s biggest employers questioned by the BBC have said they do not plan to bring […]

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Practical Implications of Negative Interest Rates for AHPs

In December 2020 Altair, sponsored by ten HAs operating across the country, kicked off a research review of the practical […]

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Women in the Housing Business Series: Who decides how we co-live sustainably?

Anna Älgevik on the interplay between green urban development and society — and the women making it happen Interview with […]

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