The Building Safety Act: are you prepared?

Posted: 16th February 2022 Ben Kelly, Senior Technical Consultant

Ben Kelly, Senior Technical Consultant on our Building Safety Team provides a brief overview of the impact of the Building Safety Act. This video details the regulatory changes for housing providers; including what you need to do, and how Altair’s DynamicAIM can make compliance straightforward.


The requirement for the production of Safety Cases, and for a “Golden Thread” of digital building information, demand management of building information on a scale and breadth that goes beyond anything most RP’s have seen before.

Our advice to clients is to start now. You need to be looking at your buildings as a system. You must assess the risks that involve fire spread and structural failure; for both your existing stock and the buildings in your pipeline. Identify the data you want to capture. Confirm the data you already hold, and how you are going to manage it.

As well as offering consultancy support, we are partnered with software provider Cadline and have developed a new tool, DynamicAIM that helps to manage building data. The video above demonstrates how easy it is to use.

To find out more about the upcoming changes and what is required in your safety case, see our recent post: The biggest change to building safety legislation in a generation.

For a further discussion on the requirements of the Building Safety Act, contact our consultancy team at 

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