Older People’s Care in Social Housing: A Manifesto for Change

Posted: 22nd June 2022 Fiona Underwood, CEO

Today we launch our research looking at social care which is a prominent topic on the government’s agenda and in the press. Delivering care today is challenging and with an ageing population in need of solutions to enable independent living, the challenge will only continue to grow.

The research has been sponsored by The Guinness Partnership, Housing 21 and Devonshires and the report brings together research on Registered Provider’s role in housing and care, past, present and future. It asks: what is the role of Registered Providers in the future of care? Drawing from learning from home and abroad on housing and care, in social sectors, the report sets out a manifesto for change and calls on all UK providers of social housing to commit to taking action against ten critical areas.

Alongside our sponsors, Guinness Partnership, Housing 21 and Devonshires, and with the involvement of a number of social housing providers, we have undertaken this research to develop a Manifesto for Change behind which the sector can collectively unite.

As part of the launch, we will bring together key players across the housing and care sector to discuss the findings and next steps. The panel will include Sue Ramsden – NHF, Mark Browne – Department of Health and Social Care, Yvonne Castle, Older Persons Housing Group, and Lord Best. This discussion will begin further conversations with those across the sector to inspire them to take action to meet the challenge and enable older people to remain independent in their homes.

On Monday 27th we will meet with wider contributors to discuss their role in the Manifesto for Change. We will publicise a webinar to the sector to report back on these discussions, promote the research and increase reach across housing and care. Keep up to date by signing up here.

View the Manifesto for Change: Older People’s Care in Social Housing

Older People's Care Research Report

Click here to view the full report.

A vision and a Manifesto for Change

The diagram below encapsulates the findings from the review. It sets out a vision for housing’s role in adult social care that works in tandem with the Government’s 10-year vision for adult social care. It is beneficial for tenants, providers, and wider society.

Older People's Care Vision and Manifesto for Change

If you would like a further discussion about this research, please do get in touch with myself or Kirsty Hickson.

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