Michaela Booth joins Altair to lead Corporate Finance and Treasury Consultancy Services

Posted: 27th June 2022 Michaela Booth, Director of Corporate Finance and Treasury Services

As part of our continued support of the social housing sector, we are delighted to announce that Michaela Booth has joined Altair to lead our new Corporate Finance & Treasury Service.  Michaela was previously at Catalyst and Guinness, where she led the Corporate Finance & Treasury teams and brings a wealth of experience in merger & acquisition, as well as strategic support to Executives & Boards on growth & investment.  Her latest task was the completion of the Catalyst & Peabody merger, following a long list of M&A transactions for the sector.

Michaela has provided guidance and support to executives and boards preparing and implementing funding and interest rate strategies, also on growth and investment strategies, and most recently to the Catalyst board on development mix and asset management investment.

The addition of Michaela enables Altair to offer a full range of services to support clients in M&A activity, growth & investment, joint venture partnerships, and ESG strategies and funding, in addition to the services already provided by our existing treasury stream.

Key services under Altair Corporate Finance & Treasury Services include:

  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Growth and investment strategies
  • Funding & interest management strategies
  • Joint venture funding structures
  • Sustainable finance, including support with frameworks and reporting
  • ESG accreditation
  • Credit rating
  • Growth, treasury, investment policy and strategy
  • Interest rate management

Please get in touch with Michaela to discuss the above in more detail.

Click here to connect with Michaela on LinkedIn.

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