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Posted: 13th June 2023 Sioned Hughes, Head of Recruitment

When an Executive team member leaves an organisation, it can throw an organisation into the mindset of getting everything ready as soon as possible to recruit a replacement.  Whilst speed is almost always of the essence, you should invest time to consider what are your organisation’s aims and objectives? Are there any key changes in direction outlined in your corporate plan? What skills and experience do you need now, in the next 3-5 years, and beyond? Depending on the answers, this is the ideal time to review not only the roles you’re recruiting to, but also a review of your structure.

This is what Irwell Valley did when two members of their Executive team were leaving at a similar time. One was planned and was retiring in May, whilst the other was successful in being appointed to their first CEO role.

In January 2023, Irwell Valley commissioned Altair to support a review of the roles and structure of the Executive team and to provide support in recruiting.

Our approach to supporting Irwell Valley on this high-level review included a desk-based review of relevant information on Irwell Valley as an organisation, as well as specific information in relation to the individual roles included within the Executive Team. We held discussions with internal stakeholders (i.e. Chief Executive, Chair and Chair of Remuneration and Governance Committee) and provided a critical friend review and discussion around structure options developed and included a comparison to peer organisations.

Irwell Valley looked at the remit of two out of three Executive Director roles, putting all customer services under one Executive Director (ED) and all home-related services under the other ED rather than having the repairs service with the customer services.  There are arguments for both approaches, however, it was felt the new portfolios would work well for Irwell Valley.  The third ED of Finance, Governance and Investments remained unchanged.

We reviewed and updated Job Descriptions and Role Profiles. We benchmarked the existing terms and conditions including salary and benefits package against peer organisations and provided a report with recommendations for Irwell Valley to consider.

Supporting candidates

We partnered with Irwell Valley to recruit to these posts.  Altair provided support and advice to all candidates both internal and external, we review CVs and personal statements if requested and also provide feedback to successful and unsuccessful candidates at every stage of the process.  This is a service both candidates and our clients value.  It allows candidates to reflect and improve how they present themselves.  It creates equity and impartiality if there are internal candidates and lastly it leaves all candidates with a good impression of the organisation they are applying too.

Assessing candidates

As part of the recruitment process, Irwell Valley chose to carry out personality profiling, also known as psychometric assessments.  Altair provided this service which includes providing all administrative support, issuing individual reports, and holding a meeting with the selection panel to discuss outcomes and identify key areas to explore at the final interview. Feedback is offered to candidates at the end of the process. The findings from these assessments were helpful in focusing the line of questioning at the final selection day.

Supporting successful candidates

As part of Irwell’s ethos of succession planning and developing staff, they took up the coaching service we offer to Support successful candidates. This is an independent coaching service to support candidates as they transition into a new role, particularly helpful if appointing someone into a more senior executive role for the first time. No two coaching programmes are the same,  they are designed to meet the needs of the individual, but typically a programme lasts between six – twelve months, with outcomes being agreed between the organisation, individual and Altair. This is a service organisations value as it takes the weight of off their shoulders.

Client testimonial

We worked closely with Irwell Valley at every stage of the process, Sasha Deepwell, Irwell Valley’s CEO said, “We wanted to appoint a consultancy who could offer a rounded support service and who were strong on EDI in recruitment as we are committed to ensuring diversity at all levels, particularly leadership. We involved colleagues and customers in the recruitment process to ensure that we achieved a 360-degree view of candidates. We also wanted to support internal candidates through the process. The coaching was an important element and we have received great feedback on the value this offered. We were delighted with the response to the recruitment campaign and, of course, with the resulting appointments.”

Complementary services to support the recruitment process

At Altair, we provide independent advice and support to ensure you give yourselves the best possible opportunity to attract excellent candidates and ultimately make great appointments. To find out more about the complementary services we offer to support your recruitment process, click below:

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