Altair International – Challenges to Housing in Global South Cities

Posted: 29th June 2023 Emma Ahmed, Director

Welcome to our series, “Challenges in Global South Cities.” This series aims to shed light on the complexities and challenges faced by rapidly urbanising cities in the global South. In these cities, the issue of inadequate housing is of critical concern, with an estimated 1.2 billion people worldwide grappling with substandard living conditions. The situation is particularly severe in the global South, where urban growth often exceeds the capacity of local governments, leading to unchecked urban sprawl, the proliferation of slums, and increased vulnerability of city dwellers.

These challenges are not separate from the ongoing climate crisis, but rather, they are intricately intertwined. The global South, particularly regions in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, are experiencing some of the fastest urbanisation rates while simultaneously being on the frontlines of climate change. This means that large populations in these regions are exposed to rising sea levels, extreme heat, severe flooding, droughts, and increasingly powerful hurricanes. These factors exacerbate existing housing inadequacies and pose significant risks to mitigation, adaptation, and resilience efforts.

However, these challenges also present opportunities. With the right strategies, urban planning, and low-carbon innovation, these regions have the potential to cultivate sustainable, liveable, and resilient cities. It will require the mobilisation of significant private finance to bridge the gap between typically low public financing in emerging markets and the cost of a low-carbon transition.

At Altair, we understand these challenges and see the possibilities within them. Our unrivalled experience and diverse expertise in housing and placemaking make us uniquely positioned to help organisations navigate these complexities​1​. We provide high-quality, creative solutions to the varied and dynamic challenges facing organisations in housing and regeneration. Our independent, insightful, strategic, and tactical advice helps our clients solve complex problems, enabling them to thrive in this changing world​1​.

This series will focus on the myriad challenges cities face in the global South. We will explore the interconnectedness of housing and climate challenges, the potential for urban planning and low-carbon innovation, and the need for increased finance for sustainable development. We will also delve into the solutions that Altair can bring to the table, demonstrating how we can make significant strides towards addressing these issues through collaboration and evidence-based strategies tailored to the local context.

Join us as we navigate these challenges, showcase the work Altair is doing in this field, and explore the innovative solutions that can help shape a sustainable and resilient future for cities in the global South. With our extensive knowledge and networks in housing, property, and regeneration and a strong track record of placing candidates from within and outside the sector, we are well-equipped to provide the thought leadership and solutions needed in these rapidly changing environments​1​.

Stay tuned for insightful discussions, thought-provoking articles, and an exploration of solutions that can transform challenges into opportunities for sustainable development and growth.

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