A catch up with Alison Heaps, Consultant

Posted: 16th November 2023 Alison Heaps, Consultant

In this article, we catch up with Alison Heaps, Consultant at Altair. Alison is most excited about seeing the projects that she has started through to the end and seeing the difference that her work is making.

As one of the newest members of the team at Altair, tell us about your background and experience so far: 

I have 25 years of experience in social housing and am a qualified program manager, project manager, and solution architect. Being able to bring all of that to the table means I can confidently talk about bringing innovative solutions to client’s issues that are being presented to us.  

Prior to Altair, I worked for Your Housing Group as the solution architect, program manager, and IT project manager. I also worked at Riverside Housing Group for a number of years doing various roles, service improvement manager, project manager, etc. where I gained lots of valuable experience.  

I have an MBA (Master of Business Administration) in leadership which I feel is a strength of mine that I am able to apply in my everyday work.  

What attracted you most to join Altair? 

I was really interested in the role and the opportunity to be able to make things better for Housing Associations and Local Authorities, so actually coming up with solutions and delivering them and developing the solution. That isn’t something that you are often able to see in a project at other companies but getting to have a succinct project is very enticing and I’ve really enjoyed it so far.  

What areas are you most excited about working in over the next year? 

I’m looking forward to working on projects end to end, we have started lots of projects since I arrived at Altair so getting to see them through to the end and review how they’ve gone, what’s happened, and what the results are.  

I am also excited to work alongside my colleagues in the technology team and learn from their knowledge.  

What expertise do you bring that you think will be of most value to your role at Altair, and what skills are you hoping to develop? 

I have a lot of expertise in social housing and local authority consultancy; however, I am a firm believer that every day is a school day, and being open to learning from the people around me is very exciting. I would say that my strength lies in asset management, day-to-day repairs, and housing operations. 

I would like to increase my understanding of the market challenges as a whole and utilise my experience to address any challenges that are found and apply technical solutions to help turn those challenges into opportunities for improvement.  

How do you like to spend your free time? What do you do on weekends? 

I am a very big Marvel fan, specifically Rocket Racoon being a top favourite of mine, but I am an avid cinema fan so watching movies or reading are things I really enjoy.  







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