A catch up with Lauren Trevelyan, Principal Consultant

Posted: 1st December 2023 Lauren Trevelyan, Principal Consultant

In this article, we catch up with Lauren Trevelyan, Principal Consultant at Altair. Lauren contributes a wealth of expertise to our Technology team, having shaped and designed a variety of technology solutions in her career to date.

As one of the newest members of the team at Altair, tell us about your background and experience so far: 

I have around 20 years of experience in the housing sector.  During that time – amongst the high volume of merger activity – I worked in various roles leading business analysis, solution architecture, discovery design, digital and data practices as well as program governance and PMO. I’m incredibly passionate about educating on the importance of all things data and the role technology can play in making everyone’s lives easier.

Being inclusive is really important to me. Whether that be digital democratisation, low code and/or citizen development, or, as the techie-in-the-room supporting organisations to shape their digital agendas, highlighting the impact digital exclusion has on residents and employees and the great organisations out there providing support, funding and training.

I’m also a keen advocate for promoting the importance of user experience, choosing to cover the impact Microsoft Teams experiences has on the motivation and performance of front-line versus office-based staff for my Masters dissertation.

What attracted you most to join Altair? 

What attracted me to Altair was the reputation that they have built within the sector, the broad range of services that Altair provides, and how collaborative they are across these services. The most attractive part of Altair for me personally though, was the IT solution independence and thought leadership opportunities Altair provides, this combination isn’t something that a lot of housing sector consultancies have.

What areas are you most excited about working in over the next year? 

I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to see our projects through to the end and gain insight into the impact on residents. I’m also looking forward to increasing the variety of our Digital and Technology services, raising the profile, increasing the awareness of what we can offer as a team, and collaborating with the other professionals in Altair on projects that will really make a difference.

What expertise do you bring that you think will be of most value to your role at Altair, and what skills are you hoping to develop? 

I bring a strong knowledge of translating strategic viewpoints into technology solutions and providing holistic and independent expertise across business analysis, governance, digital, data, and solution architecture. Ensuring the resident is at the forefront and showing how technology is enabling the sector to meet ever more demanding needs.

I am looking forward to leaning on my research skills to better understand the IT challenges that registered providers of different sizes and locations are experiencing, and how we can recommend Digital and Technology strategies and solutions to them based on their varying needs.

How do you like to spend your free time? What do you do on weekends? 

I absolutely love the outdoors, so walking the dog, looking after the horses, or just spending time outside in the garden with my family.

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