A catch up with Kiren Riyat, Change Analyst

Posted: 14th May 2024 Kiren Riyat , Change Analyst

In this article, we catch up with Kiren Riyat, Change Analyst at Altair. Kiren contributes a wealth of expertise to our Transformation and Change team with her experience working on digital transformation projects in previous roles.

As one of the newest members of the team at Altair, tell us about your background and experience so far:

As one of the newest additions to Altair’s team, I bring a background in junior project management and business analysis from my previous role in a consultancy, where I focused on digital transformation projects. Additionally, I have a background in property management, which has provided me with valuable insights into operational aspects.

What attracted you most to join Altair?

The opportunity to expand my experience and skills in a dynamic environment. Altair’s extensive client base presents a rich opportunity to engage with diverse projects and gain valuable insights into property management and related fields. I saw it as the perfect platform to broaden my expertise and contribute meaningfully to the company’s objectives.

What areas are you most excited about working in over the next year?

I’m particularly excited about collaborating with clients on various projects over the next year. Leveraging my expertise in digital transformation and property management, I see ample opportunities to optimise processes and enhance user experiences through innovative solutions. I’m eager to learn from these experiences and contribute to impactful outcomes.

What expertise do you bring that you think will be of most value to your role at Altair, and what skills are you hoping to develop?

I bring a wealth of expertise in stakeholder management, Agile methodologies with certification, and risk management to my role at Altair. My background in digital transformation and property management equips me to understand client needs effectively.

Looking ahead, I aim to bolster my confidence, refine my strategic planning abilities, and deepen my understanding of property industry dynamics to further enhance my contributions to Altair’s objectives.

How do you like to spend your free time? What do you do on weekends?

In my free time, I’m passionate about animals, which led me to start my own cat-sitting business. I also enjoy expressing my creativity through art and creating commissions for clients. Spending quality time with friends and family is important to me, so on weekends, you’ll often find me enjoying leisurely activities with them.

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