Building Assessment Certificates: Are you ready?

Posted: 14th May 2024 Tom Kelly, Senior Consultant

The Building Safety Regulator has now begun inviting Principal Accountable Persons (PAPs) to apply for a Building Assessment Certificate for their occupied Higher-Risk Buildings (HRBs).

What is a Building Assessment Certificate?

The Building Safety Act 2022, which received royal assent in April 2022, brought about major reforms to ensure the safety of our buildings and the people who occupy them.

Within the Act under Part 4 Higher-Risk Buildings (HRBs), further duties are imposed on PAPs – who hold overall responsibility of the building under the Act – to register their HRB’s and obtain certain certificates, which include the Building Assessment Certificate for occupied HRB’s.

The Building Assessment Certificate, issued by the Building Safety Regulator, provides evidence that the PAP has fulfilled their duties under the Act with regards to the safety of the building.

How do I apply for a Building Assessment Certificate?

You will only be able to apply for a Building Assessment Certificate when called upon by the Building Safety Regulator.

Although the Government estimates it will take approximately 5 years to review Building Assessment Certificate applications for every HRB in the country, PAPs may be directed by the Regulator to apply for a Building Assessment Certificate at any time. We are aware of several organisations who have now received direction from the Regulator to apply for a Building Assessment Certificate, therefore it is important to act now.

When summoned by the Regulator, PAPs will have 28 days to submit the necessary documentation to demonstrate compliance with their duties under the Building Safety Act 2022.

This documentation required includes:

  • A copy of the resident engagement strategy
  • The most recent safety case report for the building.
  • Information about the mandatory occurrence reporting system operated by the PAP.
  • Information demonstrating compliance by each accountable person for the building with their duties under section 89 of the act.

How Altair can help

Having organised data is essential in preparing building safety cases and reports. At Altair, we offer support in identifying, compiling, and reviewing the necessary information and conducting thorough gap analysis to pinpoint missing key information.

With our understanding of the Regulator’s likely requirements for the safety case report, we can assist you in preparing your building safety case and report effectively.

In addition to our consultancy support, Altair, in partnership with Cadline, has developed DynamicAim, a comprehensive solution to centralise all your building data, including the data required for your building safety case. DynamicAim is a user-friendly, easily accessible platform that provides a robust evidence base for your building safety case and reports.


Download the document below to discover what we believe organisations should be taking into consideration with regards to applying for Building Assessment Certificates:

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