Altair’s Community Impact Team facilitates strategic workshop with Argyle Community Trust

Posted: 18th June 2024 Will Juggins, Consultant

The Altair Community Impact team recently partnered with staff members from Argyle Community Trust to conduct a workshop aimed at exploring and defining the Trust’s strategic aspirations. This session was a crucial phase of Altair’s Strategy Development offer, designed to help organisations articulate and achieve their strategic goals.

Argyle Community Trust reached out to Altair to support the development of their new organisational strategy. Building on the success of its current strategy, the Trust aims to create more social value for the people of Devon and Cornwall. The workshop focused on uncovering the team’s shared motivations – their “WHY” – to understand what drives them to come to work every day, what makes Argyle Community Trust special, and what their core purpose is. At Altair, we believe that any strategy must engage, galvanise and inspire the staff on the ground – the key individuals expected to execute it and be aligned with the organisation’s mission and values.

In typical Altair fashion, the session was highly interactive, incorporating engaging, innovative methods to answer the session’s burning questions. The prospect of a new direction for any organisation is an exciting opportunity, that allows for innovation and fresh perspectives and gives everyone the chance to be creative. This ethos is something we strive to reflect in our workshops.

Will Juggins, the workshop facilitator and an Altair consultant reflected on the session saying “It was great to see the team’s enthusiasm during the session. We are always thinking of new, fun and engaging ways to run our workshops, whilst keeping them constructive and focused on answering the agreed questions. The Argyle Community Trust team were open, honest and ambitious with their thinking and remarks, which definitely made our job easier, and thoroughly enjoyable”.

Argyle Community Trust, the official charity of Plymouth Argyle Football Club, leverages the club’s influence to inspire and support people of all ages in achieving their full potential. The Trust aims to positively impact various societal groups and enhance life chances through football. Over the past 20 years, it has offered diverse activities and programs, including educational qualifications and health initiatives, and plans to continue this work.

At Altair, we are proud to support organisations like Argyle Community Trust in their strategic endeavours. Our goal is to help these organisations create strategies that are not only effective but also inspiring and engaging for their staff.

To learn more about the amazing things Argyle Community Trust do, visit:

To hear more about how we can support you with your Strategy creation, actualisation or implementation, reach out via the Community Impact webpage.

Together, we can create strategies that drive meaningful change and create lasting social impact.

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