Badminton England

Altair commissioned to create an income generation strategy for Badminton England

With the significant financial challenges Badminton England faced in 2023, Altair was commissioned to produce a commercial review for the Yonex All England Championship, and an overall income generation summary for the organisation. As Altair, we successfully found new opportunities to generate income and Badminton England could secure opportunities for mitigation based on our report.

About the project

Badminton England are responsible for the management and development of Badminton across the nation. Historically, they have been able to invest significantly in the ongoing development of the game through their statutory funding, membership fees, and surplus income generated through their Yonex All England Badminton Championship (YAEC) trading activity.

Despite this, due to contractual changes in the delivery of the YAEC, Badminton England faced a significant financial challenge in 2023. In response, they commissioned Altair to deliver both a commercial review of its Yonex All England Championships, and an income generation summary for the whole organisation.


Following this review, Badminton England could identify how they would mitigate the independent financial challenge of YAEC, while also reducing their reliance on it as an income source. We found new opportunities to generate income through sport-wide commercial partnerships and general fundraising. To support with implementation, we provided time-focused action plans throughout the review, detailing the activity required in the build up to the 2023 YAEC and the following year.

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