Board and Committee Pay Benchmarking

Providing robust remuneration data and recommendations to Abri’s Board and Committee for existing boards roles and benchmarking for future roles.

About the project

Abri wanted to ensure that their level of remuneration for the non-executive Directors on their Board was competitive and in-line with the market. To ensure this, Abri appointed Altair to review the pay rates for the existing Board roles and to benchmark for potential new roles that were being considered.

Altair were provided with details of the roles and current remuneration and from this were able to begin the research by selecting a group of comparable organisations and providing an overview of the market-pay data to Abri, identifying the lower quartile, the median and the upper quartile. Some roles within the scope were not common roles and so required a more in-depth approach to the research in order to find comparable roles and provide robust data for the benchmarking.

As part of the overview that we provided, we also ensured that Abri had context around the data by advising on key trends that are currently driving Non-Executive renumeration including environment, economy, regulatory environment, and looking at the recruitment market. This gave the Committee enough information to inform the decision making.


Based on the findings from the research, Altair were able to put forward a set of data driven recommendations which set out the areas we recommend the committee should consider making decisions on.

The recommendations put forward were approved by the Committee.

Julie was brilliant throughout and accommodated various changes that were requested along the way (we asked for additional roles to be benchmarked that weren't included in the original scope)

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