Clúid Housing

Building organisational resilience to ensure future success

Clúid recognised the large-scale change and growth that would be required as part of its future corporate strategy and were proactive around ensuring the SMT were in the optimum position to deliver this successfully.

About the project

Clúid’s Board and Senior Management Team needed to maximise their working relationship and effectiveness to plan and implement the required growth strategy of the organisation.

The Clúid Board asked the SMT to plan the next five years of development, including what Clúid would look like as an organisation, scale of growth and diversification. Whilst anticipating the challenges to ensure they were in the optimum position to overcome any risks or challenges to deliver the required growth successfully. Altair’s role was to act as a critical friend to the Board and SMT to ensure there was a sufficient independent challenge to SMT members.

Altair also reviewed working practices between the Board and SMT, as well as SMT and operational leads, identifying areas for improvement to support future growth and changes to ways of working. In addition, Altair’s experience and knowledge of the sector enabled them to provide best practice approaches/emerging trends in organisation design principles.


As a result of the review;

  • A new SMT structure was approved by Board
  • Board and SMT identified a number of areas for improvement with a mix of short-, medium- and longer-term actions
  • It set the foundation for the SMT and Board to agree the next five-year corporate strategy
Having Altair as a critical friend as we have been working through our corporate growth strategy has proved extremely valuable and enabled us to avoid ‘group think’, implement a better structure we are confident is inline with best practice, and ultimately work better together as a leadership team for the success of the organisation. The organisation is more resilient for the support of Altair.
Anne McLoughlin, Director, Clúid

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