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Putting local boards at the heart of its governance framework

About the project

Flagship Group adopted a new federated structure in January 2020.  Three local boards were established to represent the governance arrangements of the three regions within the Group.  Local boards focus on key housing management services for a patch of c10k homes with a dedicated team. The Group’s strategic roadmap focuses on improving existing customer services in the regions with greater tenant representation on the local housing boards. The federated structure was designed to support this roadmap.

The local boards, still in their formative stage, were reviewed to consider their effectiveness. The review focussed on the activities of the local boards, their reporting and operational frameworks and their role within the wider Group.

Our team conducted a thorough assessment with each of the local boards through a review of their documentation, interviews with Group and local board members and executives, and local board observations. The team drew on their governance and sector experience to offer constructive and supportive challenge providing insight into good practice for the local boards.


We suggested specific and achievable recommendations, both spanning across the Group and for each individual local board, supporting the improvement of their governance arrangements and enhancing their role within the governance framework.

The findings and recommendations were presented to all three local boards and Group board.  A working group has subsequently been formed to implement the recommendations made.

Altair helped review the role and responsibilities, the effectiveness of Local Housing Boards within our Federated Structure. It was an excellent piece of work offering valuable learning and insight, clear recommendations and action that we are now progressing. This will support and shape our plans for local boards to lead sensitive, intelligent customer services for each Housing Association, ensuring we meet emerging consumer standards and deliver great services locally. The Altair work involved extensive interviews with executives and non-executives, reviewing key documentation, observing board meetings, looking at the quality of board reports/dashboards and contributions etc. It has been very valuable and much appreciated.
David McQuade, CEO

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