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Recognising market opportunities for domestic green technologies in affordable housing

To deliver against national carbon reduction targets, Altair explore the barriers and opportunities of procuring green technologies.

About the project

The social housing sector in Greater Manchester plays a significant role in the use of domestic green technologies. The GC Business Growth Hub realised this and required a deeper understanding of the scale and scope of the market opportunities likely to appear in the next five years for green technologies and services by housing providers.

Our expert understanding of the sector and knowledge of affordable housing providers’ business planning, development, asset management and procurement processes allowed us to engage effectively with 13 RPs to identify the practical opportunities and barriers for use of green technologies and services at scale in existing and new build homes. We also gathered data on which technologies RPs planned to procure over the next five years, their quantities and estimates of costs. To complement the quantitative analysis, we met with key individuals from the 13 RPs to better understand the strategic and practical drivers and blockers to implementing sustainability strategies. We found that while many RPs were in strategy development stages and lacked certainty over future procurement needs, there were a number of ways RPs, the supply chain and government could do more. 


Altair produced a report with key recommendations for Growth Hub to share with the housing sector. It detailed how the sector could maximise its efforts to deliver against national carbon reduction targets. One recommendation focused on what the low carbon supply chain, and in particular SMEs, may do to better support the social housing sector to procure green technologies and services. Another identified the roles other key housing sector stakeholders, including the Regulator of Social Housing, might play to support RPs. 

Altair's report brings together sector context with research findings, making clear, practical recommendations to the appropriate shareholders. As a result, the report not only informs and supports the green technologies and services supply chain, but also shows the social housing sector how to overcome barriers to meet national carbon reduction targets. We would be pleased to work again with Altair in the future.
Katherine Burden, Low Carbon Sector Lead

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