Market research and recommendations

Registered provider engagement and policy & legislation research to provide insights for growth to an IoT company.

About the project

iOpt were facing a challenge whereby they lacked capacity to explore in more depth the specific insights required to design and develop the next wave of upgrades needed to meet the changing requirements of organisations in the housing sector. Altair was tasked with examining the requirements of pioneers in the sector for IoT devices regarding climate change, building safety and customer satisfaction.
Altair first utilised the skills of the research and insights team and the expertise of the sustainability, technology and building safety teams. A desktop exercise was conducted to present the key compliance requirements for registered housing providers and the data required to support the demonstration of adherence to said regulations, in addition to grant funding and financing opportunities and requirements.
Altair then conducted a horizon-scanning exercise in the form of client-facing interviews, with both existing and potential customers for iOpt, to determine the themes that matter to them. This included liaison with Altair’s treasury arm and our network of investors, lenders and insurers to understand from their perspective what data they require. The insights gathered from these stages were formulated into a final report furnished with our tailored recommendations.


The key outputs and outcomes of this project have been:

  • Analysis of UK legislation and policy, requirements specific to England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and grant funding, financing and external investments.
  • Key themes to be aware of resulting from liaison with Altair colleagues on asset management, sustainability technology, strategic finance and governance.
  • Interview outcomes regarding the issues that potential and existing iOpt customers face and the features that they’re interested in.
  • Interview outcomes regarding the data that investors and lenders are interested in.
  • Final recommendations to iOpt on the features to consider and the key themes for RPs.

iOpt are now able to use these recommendations to develop a roadmap for future developments to their software and hardware, ensuring that their offering remains in line with the requirements of housing providers.

Altair conducted market research for iOpt to explore policy and legislation currently affecting our customers in addition to the changes on the horizon to determine how our offering as an IoT provider may change. Altair conducted interviews with our existing clients alongside a selection of potential customers from their network of housing providers to discuss what they wanted from IoT devices. These insights were condensed into a final report. The recommendations that Altair provided in the final report will be fundamental as we shape our future strategy. We look forward to working with Altair in the future as we take iOpt to the next level.
Dane Ralston, Director of iOpt

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