South Wales RSL Partnership

Modern construction methods enable Welsh RSLs to meet new build targets

South Wales RSL Partnership appoint Altair to research the optimum solution for building off site homes.

About the project

Welsh housing associations and local authorities are seeking to meet ever-increasing demand: to fill decarbonisation targets and continue to deliver more housing. Altair was to combine their expertise with further research to make recommendations for a partnership of seven Welsh RSLs on the best approach for delivering off-site manufactured (OSM) homes, and possible business structures for OSM delivery.

To achieve their new build targets, Altair suggested the use of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) to utilise alternative supply chains and faster, more efficient economical technologies, delivering homes to site faster, with minimal disruption and using more sustainable materials.

The work was dived into 3 phases. Firstly, Altair identified all the various delivery options for off-site housing through market research and reviewing best practice and engagement with stakeholders. From this, we developed a criteria-based assessment model for testing off-site delivery options. Next, a multi-level scored options appraisal at four progressive stages was conducted where several potential options were assessed, weighted, scored, and ranked to identify one preferred option. The final phase included financial testing of the viability of options and recommendations were made.


Altair’s report was able to provide advice for RSL’s to match new development goals, which included recommendations on the best approach for delivering off-site homes affordably along with the possible business structures.

Please click here for more on Altair’s offering for Modern Methods of Construction.

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