Government of Jersey Key Worker Housing

Providing housing to improve recruitment and retention of Jersey’s key workers

Using data-driven insights and one-on-one conversations with key workers to identify implementable policy and practical solutions.

About the project

Altair was commissioned in 2018 by the Government of Jersey to investigate the housing needs for Jersey’s key workers, including those in healthcare, social care and education. The work stemmed from an investigation into the quality of care in Jersey’s child social services, which found that a key barrier for recruitment and retention of key worker staff was availability of affordable, quality housing. 

The work involved two separate commissions, including a strategy development project and a policy implementation project. 

Strategy development (2018-2019) included Altair undertaking desktop research, data analysis, interviews and focus groups with key workers and strategy and housing staff to investigate the challenges, develop insights and identify potential solutions. 

Policy implementation research (2019-2020) involved Altair developing a business case and implementation programme for the agreed proposals. It looked in detail at the current and proposed key worker programme and included an evidence-driven assessment of key worker demand. It also proposed policies for eligibility and allocations and housing types and tenures. The report included a detailed financial cashflow and appraisal of the costs of the programme, including direct subsidy (e.g. land) and indirect savings from recruitment and retention activities. 


The research had an immediate impact and the press began reporting on key worker recruitment and retention challenges. It also allowed decision makers to think strategically about the ways they could address these challenges through housing solutions. Solutions varied and included ways of leveraging legislation, government policy, organisational culture and social housing providers to improve the key workers’ housing experience from the point of recruitment. 

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