Perry Hall

Raising money for vital educational opportunities

Supporting children in the local area

About the project

Perry Hall is a growing primary-only Trust, currently consisting of 10 schools in the areas of Wolverhampton, Dudley, Staffordshire, Sandwell, and Worcestershire.

We helped one of the Trust’s schools to embed a progressive coding programme in its curriculum, generating funds for the acquisition of STEM equipment. This additional funding brought the school’s robotics project to life, inspiring 257 pupils from socially disadvantaged backgrounds to develop an interest in technology and to develop valuable skills in robotics, coding, and design.

We supported another of Perry Hall’s schools, located in an area of high deprivation, to secure funding for the purchase of new library books. This has made a significant impact on students, particularly those with English as an Additional Language, by increasing accessibility to a wide range of reading books and by running additional workshops for parents to support their children’s reading.


Commissioned to provide support in diversifying income streams, we have raised £172,280 for projects across the MAT’s schools.

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